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Welcome to Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School

Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School (MTC) provides a Christ-centered education that nurtures students’ faith and prepares students to face the challenges of today’s rapidly changing society.  Faith is integrated into all areas of education through participation at Mass, liturgical events, sacramental preparation, daily prayer and service projects.

We at Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School shape our students’ hands, hearts, and minds, in a faithful Catholic tradition with Jesus as our model and the center of our teachings. We work to create lifelong learners who exemplify respect, dignity, and compassion. We value the holiness of life within a safe environment that respects the culturally diverse needs of all students.

Upon graduation, the graduates of Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School will be academically prepared to pursue lifelong learning. They will continue to grow in their faith and base their life decisions on the fundamental doctrines of the Catholic Church, and when necessary, defend their faith. The graduates will strive to create a Christ-filled atmosphere in all relationships and wherever their endeavors lead them.

Exhibit skills to be utilized in our Global technological society

Engage in critical thinking as it applies to real-world challenges

Demonstrate proficiency in all academic areas

To be innovative thinkers to aid in their future successes

To continue a life of service to others

Be empowered to live the virtues of their Catholic faith

Develop and maintain healthy relationships

Sharing Hands, Hearts and Minds

Educating Students from Pre-School to 8th Grade

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